Five Of The Best Ways To Freshen Up Your Writing Routine


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If you are a writer, you will know the struggle of trying to motivate yourself to write something new. Anything produced while suffering from writers’ block can be stale, boring, and thoroughly demotivating. With this in mind, we’ve collated some of the best tips for changing up the way you write in order to keep it fresh and engaging.

You may be writing as a hobby, or you may be a professional author. However, these tips can help people at all stages in their writing career. Read on and find out how you can freshen up your writing routine.

1.     Choose the right time of day.

The time of day at which you write can have a huge effect on your writing. If you are a night owl and have all your energy at midnight, write something then. If you are a real morning person then get up and write a couple of paragraphs before you get going with your day. No matter when it is, using your most productive hours to write what is important to you is just a smart plan.


2.     Change your setting.

You could also consider changing where you write. The setting where you’re working can change your productivity levels. Try writing in your local library instead of writing in bed. Try going to a café instead of your home office. It doesn’t even need to be drastic. Take your laptop out on the balcony, or write in the kitchen. New surroundings should lead to fresher writing.

3.     Get other people involved.

You should always ask for recommendations from other people. Writers can get stuck in a rut of their own making, and sometimes all it needs is a fresh perspective to get them going again. Having a brainstorming session with your partner or ask your mum where the story should go next. You might be pleasantly surprised by them.

4.     Break it up into smaller pieces.

An ideal way to freshen up your writing is to break it down. Write a paragraph here or do a small section of research there. Sitting down to write a whole novel can be incredibly off-putting so just make small goals and make sure you meet them. You will be less stressed and your writing will benefit from this.


5.     Study others.

It may seem backwards, but make sure to keep reading. No matter your style or purpose for reading, there are always new words or phrases to learn. Reading a wide range of literature will give you so much inspiration that you can then incorporate into your own writing- without plagiarising! Reading is a great way to unwind as well, so will help you out in the long run.

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