Why You Should Send Your Child To Nursery In Bearsden 


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Nursery is an important transition for your child. It provides the building blocks for academics, socialisation and physical development.

Ultimately, the decision to send your child to nursery in Bearsden should be based on your family’s needs and your child’s specific situation. It’s also a personal decision that can be difficult to make.


Nursery is a huge step for kids, but many parents wonder whether their children are ready to start school. They worry about whether their child is mature enough to handle the classroom environment and whether they can sit still, focus and follow simple instructions.

Some places use so-called nursery-readiness tests to determine if children are ready for school. These tests tend to look at academic skills, but they can also assess other aspects of a child’s development.


In human societies, socialisation involves shaping children’s habits, skills, cognitive competencies, emotional tendencies, and normative beliefs. School plays a major role in this process, as educators and students interact and reinforce behavioural norms.

The process of socialisation occurs at different stages, including primary, secondary, and adult. In each case, socialisation is a necessary process in order to fit an individual into a particular society’s culture and system of values and norms.

Ultimately, the socialisation of individuals contributes to the success of any society. In addition to families, peers, neighbourhoods, mass media, and schools play a role in this process.

Physical Development 

The development of the brain, physical skills, and socialisation that children experience early on can have a huge impact on their educational success.

Nursery is the start of a journey that will take your child through many different stages as they grow and learn to navigate a new world. Whether they are a quiet child who is ready for a more structured environment or a silly child who needs help writing their name, every child will enter the classroom with a different set of abilities and strengths.

​​Often parents ask themselves: Is my child ready?

This is a good question to ask because every child develops academically, emotionally, and socially at their own pace.

The more you understand about how your child grows and learns, the better prepared you are to make the best decision for them. Talk with your paediatrician, community resources, and the school to assess your child’s readiness for nursery.


Among the key skills children learn in nursery is communication. This includes writing the letters of the alphabet, reading simple books, and forming short sentences.

Kids also begin learning maths, such as counting, identifying shapes and understanding basic addition and subtraction. These are critical academic skills that will help them in the future.

In general, if your child can sit with good posture and pay attention, is able to work independently for an extended period of time, and is comfortable with their surroundings, they are probably ready to go to nursery.

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