The Importance of Emotion Games For Kids


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Using emotion games for kids is probably one of the most effective ways to help teach children how to deal with their emotions. It is important to play these super fun games with your kids to help them recognise emotions. There are many emotions that a human can experience throughout the day, which can make life very complicated for a child that does not know what they are or how to deal with them. Good in depth emotion games for kids can certainly help them identify and acknowledge each emotion and find a way to express and deal with them.

emotion games for kids

Top 2 Emotion Games For Kids

Some of the best emotion games for kids include:

  1. Starfish and tornadoes – This game is all about helping kids understand how much energy they are feeling inside. The goal is to make sure they develop their own calming skills or ask for help. This is one of the most effective emotion games for kids because it builds self awareness.
  2. Turtle time – Another popular game for teaching self awareness is turtle time. This is all about helping kids practice observing what is going on around them. A very powerful social emotional game that will assist children to get their needs met and understand the perspective of others. 
emotion games for kids

Why Emotion Games For Kids Are Important

Kids learn a lot through playing games and because most games are not played alone, emotion games for kids can really help them develop social skills in a natural and fun way. All children need to be able to regulate their own responses to strong emotions. They also need to learn how emotions might feel outside of their own reality. This can be difficult to teach at first but with the right tools, games and communication, you can make sure your children will recognise emotions. Young kids can be taught basic emotions such as happy, mad, sad, and scared as early as two years old. As they get older, you can explain emotions such as feeling frustrated, nervous, shy, etc. to them.

emotion games for kids

Final Thoughts

Emotion games for kids are fun to play and will help your kids learn. There are different types of games for children. All you need to do is choose ones that fit the age of your child. There are also other simple ways that you can use to help your kids identify their feelings such as reading books, watching tv shows and pointing out the feelings of characters in both the books and the shows. Another great practice is by making feelings part of the everyday conversation. It is important to understand that by playing a few games, you cannot teach your kids about emotions. You have to make sure to ask how they are feeling and track their feelings on a daily basis.

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