Telemarketing Companies are Still Relevant in 2020


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For those who claim that telemarketing companies are pursuing is a dead practice, they have clearly never seen the statistics.  Although they can be annoying when people are phoned at an inconvenient time, but if they have a smart strategy and approach then they can prove useful for businesses who are looking to reach more customers.

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Telemarketing Companies Are Great for High Street Businesses

Business to business telemarketing could be the best use of this practise.  Generally people don’t want to be phoned in a domestic environment, and generally feel like they are being harassed and won’t even listen to what you have to say.  However, if you are suggesting that as a telemarketer you can add some kind of value to someone’s business, they may just sit up and listen.

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Is Social Media Wiping Out Telemarketing Companies?

Social media has revolutionised the way in which we connect and reach out to people.  It is generally considered a much less invasive way of getting in touch with people you don’t know.  It also makes it easy to ignore cold call type messages that you don’t want to receive.  On the other hand, if you receive a message or advertisement from someone and you are interested in their proposition, you are in a position to respond on your own terms and at your own time.  Some people may look at it as the same as an email style campaign, however it is very different.  For one thing, an email is practically anonymous, with recipients only being able to see a name and email address and perhaps some other business details.  With social media sites like Facebook, you can actually look up the person who is contacting you and see first hand information about them.

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Telemarketing is Here to Stay

In America alone, the telemarketing industry is worth $17 billion, and doesn’t show any sign of slowing down.  The interesting thing is that many telemarketing companies now work both ways.  This means that there will be some telemarketers that are reaching out to people trying to sell products and services, but there will also be operators that are taking incoming call from people who are actively looking to buy these services.  This then means that getting rid of telemarking practices all together will alienate all those people that are reaching out to the companies looking for information or looking to buy.

Outreach for 2020

Some companies are diversifying their telemarking methods.  Many are now considering that having telemarketing campaigns alongside social media marketing is the best approach.  A reach-out campaign or advertisement campaign on social media can then be followed up by a phone call when it best suits the person.  This makes it less invasive and the services complement each other and makes it a better experience for the customer.  But what does the future look like for telemarketing companies?  Well, they definitely have a place in the marketing world, but in order to survive, they are going to have to consider diversification.

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