Should You Convert Mini DV To DVD?

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If you are interested and engaged with your media and possessions then it is likely that you would like to preserve them. Recently I took the decision to convert some of my old mini DV to DVD media format. Im going to share with you my experience and what was involved during this process.

Mini DV to DVD

Finding A Specialist

So one of the first steps that I can to take on my digital conversion process journey was finding a specialist to undertake the work. My first port of call was of course online services as often there are a large number of businesses and specialists available to work online.

I eventually settled on choosing a company who specialised in digital conversions. From the start I could tell that this was a dedicated and professional company. One of the main reasons why I was confident in the companies ability was their eagerness to complete the conversion process in a short time period and for a very reasonable price.

We agreed on what media was being sent as well as the price and I sent across the my mini DV copies as requested.

Mini DV to DVD

The Conversion Process And Its Benefits

The conversion process itself actually only took a matter of days. In fact , I was pleasantly surprised by the overall speed and effectiveness of the company that took on the work. The new copies of the media were returned and they came with the original copies as well.

After I had received my newly converted media , I realised a number of key benefits which had come about as a result of this process such as the following :

  • A noticeable change in quality with the media becoming crisper and higher resolution
  • The newly converted media can be played on several different devices and transported easily
  • The mini DV format can be kept in its original form for archive purposes
  • DVD format is very durable and can last for many more years than mini DV format
  • The service was very affordable and effective overall

My Thoughts And General Feedback

Overall I would highly recommend considering converting your mini DV tapes to DVD. My experience with this process has been overwhelmingly positive. One of the main motivations for me to arrange this service was the fact that mini DV format can deteriorate over time and may require repair.

Therefore it is important that you take into account the repair costs of mini DV should your media deteriorate over time or become damaged. These can prove to be very expensive. To conclude , choosing to convert your mini DV to DVD is an excellent choice which means you can enjoy older media on a newer media format without incurring significant overall costs.

If you are looking to arrange this service , it is best to find a business online which specialises in this conversion process. They are the ones that are likely to be able to offer you some of the best prices available for transferring your old media across into a newer format.

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