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There are many colour schemes to choose from and it can be difficult to find the right one for your kitchen. There are several things that you need to consider when choosing a kitchen colour scheme.

You should consider the mood of the room, the feel you wish to create, and your families’ taste. For example, light, pastel colours such as pale green, blue or pale pink would be ideal if you wish to create a more relaxing atmosphere in your kitchen. By contrast, darker colours such as black or navy blue would be perfect if you are looking to create a traditional feeling in your kitchen.

Another aspect of kitchen colour schemes to consider is how much storage space you will require. Will you want to add any cabinets or cupboards? If so, then consider the colours of the cupboards and drawers along with the colours of their paint and glazing. Alternatively, you may wish to install an island featuring bright, cheerful colours so that all your kitchen items are easily accessible.

Before you purchase kitchen appliances or paint the walls, consider your kitchen colour schemes. What will the theme of your kitchen be? Is it contemporary, country, modern or a mixture of all these styles? With regard to style then it is essential to buy neutral, plain colours. However, if you like experimenting with different colours then it is worth considering mixing and matching colours and materials to produce a wonderful, unique design that combines elements of different styles.

You should also think about the textures of materials and the colours you want to incorporate. Can you mix wood and glass? Or will you prefer a creamier, more traditional look? Similarly, do you want to have a lot of granite in your kitchen, or a lot of stone?

If your kitchen consists of a central island, then choose your colours according to its use. If it is a breakfast room then perhaps a crisp white would suit, as would a lighter, pale green or even a soft yellow. Conversely, if it is a family area then consider bright, bold colours such as red, orange or purple. Similarly, if you often entertain guests then red kitchen appliances and a bright tiled splashback may give your kitchen that extra wow factor. Whatever your colour scheme, keeping your kitchen stylish will ensure that you get plenty of praise for your interior design, helping you to feel confident and proud of your efforts.

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