Review of The Dhabba: Indian Restaurant In Glasgow City Centre


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Glasgow is fast becoming one of the best places for Indian food in Scotland. We have decided to pick out our favourite Indian restaurant in Glasgow City Centre and provide you with a review. If you are travelling from Bilbao to this city we highly recommend a visit. From their great offers to their perfect Biryani. Everything is worth a try at The Dhabba. They can cater to vegans, vegetarians and those who need gluten-free meals. This means there truly is something for everyone.

In order to fully understand the quality of this top-notch North Indian restaurant, read on and find out why we think it is the best.

Authentic North Indian Cuisine

The name of this great Indian restaurant in Glasgow City Centre comes from the heart of North India where roadside diners are more commonly known as dhabbas. In these tiny establishments, the traditional recipes have been handed down from generation to generation.

Indian Restaurant in Glasgow City Centre

The flavours and techniques have become a staple in North Indian cuisine, and The Dhabba presents it in its finest form. The restaurant pioneered the start of North Indian cuisine in Scotland. The curries they serve come from hundreds of years of refinement from mother to daughter and so on.

In the heart of Glasgow, this restaurant uses fresh Scottish produce with the flare of North Indian spices in order to create some of the greatest dishes you’ll find north of the border.

Great Offers

What the restaurant offers in cuisine means that the prices are slightly higher than other Indian restaurants in the area. This is due to the authenticity of the ingredients and the technique involved. As well as the great service and atmosphere. However, there are some great offers to be had.

Indian Restaurant in Glasgow City Centre

If it’s a lunch you’re looking for you can get authentic Indian Thali for £9.95, a two course traditional North Indian lunch for £7.95 or a three-course North Indian Lunch for £9.95. As you can see, these are great bargains and you can really get a flavour of North India on a tight budget.

Indian Restaurant in Glasgow City Centre

This fabulous place is located in Candleriggs near Merchant Square. The area is very popular with a great mix of bars, clubs and restaurants. It is the perfect place for a night out on the town. If you are looking for an Indian restaurant in Glasgow City Centre then this place is both great quality and perfectly situated if you’re visiting the area.

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