How We Could All Benefit From Great Independent Pension Advice


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With an ageing population, many people are looking into things like retirements and their pensions a lot earlier than ever before. We know we may live long past the official working age, so we need to make sure we are all prepared and have enough savings to live comfortably. For this reason, it’s imperative that we seek out independent pension advice that we can rely on.

Read on and find out how we could all benefit from great independent pension advice.

Planning For Retirement

The retirement age is continuing to increase, and for all those born after 6th of April 1978, we will have a retirement age of 68. It is currently 65 for both men and women. With many people living a lot longer than this, we all want to make plans for our retirement. This can include buying a home abroad, buying a boat, or starting a new hobby or small business. It’s important that we all stay active and live life to the fullest as many people will live up to another 22 years after they have retired.

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Saving Your Money Efficiently

Saving money can be really difficult, particularly for those who are self-employed or on low wages. However, getting set up with a pension scheme or annuity or similar will really help you in the future. You need to have money to just survive. However, you should try and save as much as possible so that you can have a quality standard of living in the years after retirement. Find ways to save money today and future-you will be grateful. Pension’s advisors can give independent pension advice that will allow you to save in a way that won’t negatively impact your lifestyle now. It will also give you an improved lifestyle later.

Avoiding Common Scams

With advances in technology, hacking and scamming is becoming more and more complicated and hard to catch. However, there are many known scams that have been swindling innocent people out of their pension in recent years. It’s important to get independent pension advice from an expert in order to protect and maintain your pension safely.

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Tracing Lost Pensions

Finally, a point to note is that you may have lost pensions sitting in an account you can’t remember. Many people move from job to job and in each of these positions will be given a new pensions scheme to make deposits to. For some people, pensions which were accumulated years ago may never be claimed. We should all take the time to get some independent pension advice on tracing these lost pensions. We will see if we can find a hidden pension pot to boost our savings post-retirement.

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