How to Boost Your Energy


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If you are feeling tired, even with a full night’s sleep, then there may be more than one reason as to why. Many things can cause you to feel tired and not all of them are related to tiredness. Here are some ways you can naturally boost your energy.

Increase Magnesium Intake

A balanced diet is one of the most efficient ways to get the vitamins and minerals your body needs and to help tackle tiredness. Excessive tiredness can be caused by a deficiency in many vitamins and minerals but more often than not a deficiency in magnesium is to blame. Magnesium is needed for over 300 biochemical reactions in the body and this includes the process of breaking down glucose into energy. This can see a dramatic drop in energy when your magnesium levels are low.

If you are not getting enough magnesium in your diet, then try;

  • Adding a handful of almonds, hazelnuts or cashews to your daily diet
  • Increase your intake of whole grains, particularly bran cereal
  • Eat more fish, especially halibut
  • Take magnesium tablets

Take a Walk

People are often under the impression that doing any sort of physical activity when you’re tired will only make you more tired. Whilst this may be the case for some activities, activities like walking have actually been linked to an increase in energy. Even a quick 10-minute walk per day can increase energy levels and mood massively.

Power Nap

Taking a power nap has also been shown to increase energy levels. Sometimes when our brains get overloaded with information and we push them too hard we can become increasingly exhausted. One of the best ways to remedy this is to take a short powernap (no longer than 60 minutes). Studies have shown that this can help with information overload, as well as help us retain information better.

Eat Breakfast

Studies have shown that not eating breakfast can cause you to feel more tired, not just at the start of your day but at the end too. Breakfast sets the tone for the full day, with people who eat breakfast reporting more energy levels and better mood throughout the day.

Drink More Water

It’s no secret that drinking water is good for you, it is essential to day to day functioning. Studies have shown that even mild dehydration can cause fatigue. Sometimes we confuse thirst as hunger and sometimes thirst can also manifest itself as tiredness. If you are already drinking plenty of water, then there might be another issue, or you may want to consider cutting down your alcohol intake.

Eat More Whole Grains and Less Sugar

Keeping blood sugar levels balanced is essential for keeping energy levels balanced. Eating foods with high sugar content cause our energy levels to spike and then crash, making you more tired and sluggish than you felt before. Ensuring you eat plenty of whole grains and cut back on sugar is the best way to combat this and keep energy levels consistent.

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