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Double glazing seems like standard practise nowadays, and you can almost guarantee that a new building will be fitted with double glazing.  You can even get triple glazed windows, which offer even more benefits over the double glazed version.  Perhaps in the future triple glazing will the standard installation for all newly built properties, but for now, double glazing Glasgow offers more than enough to make them qualify as a great investment.

double glazing glasgow

Double Glazing Glasgow Will Save You Money

The biggest attraction that double glazed windows offer is the heat saving benefits.  When compared to single glazing, they have enormous heat saving capabilities, and over time can save a household hundreds if not thousands of pounds. Very often a house that installs double glazed windows will save a few hundred pounds a year, and will recoup the costs of installing them over an average of 5 to 10 years.  This means that once they have regained the cost of installation in savings, the household will be retaining hundreds of pounds that would have otherwise been spent on heating bills.

double glazing glasgow

How Do They Work

Double glazed windows work by sandwiching two panes of glass together with a small layer of trapped air in between them.  This thin layer of air acts like a buffer between the outside facing glass panel and the inside facing glass.  The outside window will be much colder than the one on the inside, and since air is a poor conductor of heat, the inside window will stay warmer than the outside window.  This means that warm air inside the building will not escape through the window as readily as it would with a single glazed window.


More Benefits Than Just Heat Savings

Thanks to their design, double glazed windows offer more benefits than just the heat saving aspects.  For one, they can dramatically reduce the amount of condensation build up on the inside of the window.  Condensation occurs when warm air inside the house meets the cold surface of the window and condenses into water droplets.  Condensation can be a problem for a number of reasons, mainly that the water on the window will saturate the window frames and eventually lead to rot.  Double glazing, thanks to the two panes of glass, doesn’t lead to as much condensation build up on the inside of the window.  This is mainly due to the fact the inside window is closer to the air temperature inside the house, so the air doesn’t condense as much on them. 


Acoustic Properties of Double Glazing Glasgow

One of the other major benefits that double glazed windows offer is the fact that it offers far superior noise isolation that single glazing.  Glass is quite a good noise suppressor, but having two panes of glass with the small air gap in between is noticeably better at reducing exterior noise.  This is great for keeping your house quite and noise free, but also offers you further privacy as noise from inside your home wont escape outside as much.

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