Car Wrapping Scotland | Why Choose Car Wraps Over Paint?


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There have you ever thought about customising your vehicle? There are so many options today for giving your car a bespoke design. From custom headlights to car wrapping Scotland, the list is endless.  However, car wrapping is one of the sectors that is seeing the biggest growth. People of a certain lifestyle who love cars, and love taking care of them are investing in car wrapping Scotland more and more.

If you would like to personalise your car, then read on and find out more about car wrapping.

It’s Reversible

One of the best parts about car wrapping Scotland is that it is reversible. Unlike a paint job, the vinyl wrap can be completely removed from the car quite easily. This leaves no damage to the original paintwork underneath. Due to the paint underneath being protected, the resale value is much better. Had you had your car painted, it would decrease in value as usually the colours that cars have been painted are not popular to a wide audience. The reversibility means if you want your old colour back, you can have it.

Car Wrapping Scotland

It Gives You More Options

What probably makes vinyl wraps so popular is the options. Not only can you wrap your car in almost any colour, but there are also different textures and styles to choose from. The most common look is that of the Carbon Fibre wraps. However you can also have matte, brushed aluminium and velvet look cars. Some wraps can even come in snakeskin or alligator finishes. The range of things you can do with a wrap is astounding. You can’t do many of these things with paint.

It Can Market Your Brand

Many people use car wrapping Scotland as a way to market their brand. Many businesses have a vinyl wrap made of their logo. This is then placed on the side of their van. It could be seen by thousands and thousands of people while driving, so the chances of increasing brand awareness are high.

Great Life Expectancy

Another positive point for car wrapping is that it does have a great life expectancy. Many people think it will see more wear and tear than a paint job but the truth is that they have similar market guarantees. Most wraps, as well as paint jobs, are guaranteed for five years. The difference is that paint takes a lot of care, with regular waxing involved in its upkeep. Car wraps, however, can last much longer than their guarantee if they are washed and some simple sealing techniques are used. This can make wraps last up to ten years. They could even last longer!

Car Wrapping Scotland

Car Wrapping Scotland

If you wish to personalise your vehicle and are thinking about car wrapping Scotland, why not visit Customised Vehicles. They are a Glasgow-based company who specialise in a variety of services, including car wrapping. Currently, this business is receiving rave reviews as there portfolio of vehicle wraps continues to grow. Check them out now if you would like to receive a bespoke design for your vehicle.

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